Minimalist Design…Expression of Vision in Simple Terms.

I have a lot of experience in Information Technology spanning close to 30 years. It seems lately on many projects, one point gets overlooked. The simplest solution is most likely the best solution.

I have had a personal website since the sometime in the 90’s when most of my freelance work was done in print. My original websites used a lot of complicated 3D-modeled graphics, Perl scripts and pages of examples. I had hyperlinks all over the pages which probably didn’t get much traffic.

After y2k, if found Joomla… content management made easy. I maintained the Joomla site for a few years and then went back to college… this time for a degree in IT. My site reverted back to a manually coded HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript site completed as part of my classwork. Again, the site became cluttered, difficult to maintain, and overly complex from a maintenance standpoint.

WordPress has been around for quite some time. At the Cincinnati Enquirer WordPress was used for individual blogs maintained by the staff, and several servers were used to host the sites. I finally decided to start using WordPress to maintain my personal site in 2016, and will likely be using WordPress for years to come.

Why use WordPress? Themes make the overall design of a website simple and the look is always professional. WordPress is easy to learn, so staff can be easily trained to maintain a site, and all posts and pages conform to the template design maintaining the professional look. Sites built in WordPress are portable, you can export the site and move it to another provider with a minimal amount of work. WordPress sites are extensible, meaning that you can customize your template to fit your own needs.

My favorite point on why I personally like WordPress as a CMS, you can display your content in a professional format, quickly, cleanly and simply. You likely won’t need a bunch of flash graphics, or video clips to sell your idea. That is the real beauty of WordPress!