Why am I using WordPress for my website?

Sure I can code in HTML. Yeah, I know CSS. Javascript, not a problem. Been there done that. At some point you have to make a decision, spend a lot of time writing unique code that may or may not look better than a CMS, or just implement the CMS and get your content online.

I have used Joomla in the past for my CMS (content management system). Joomla is easy to use and has many different templates to make your site look awesome! The problem with that is… been there done that.

WordPress, while I am completely familiar with the application, I have not used the back-end before. So here it is! My WordPress website, looking all streamlined and minimalist! Of course I could change the template to one of a zillion others, but I really like this look. So you can call me a sell-out if you want but I saved a half-million clicks on my keyboard.

Waterfall, Iterative, Lean-IT or Agile?

I am a relative newcomer to the Agile Methodology. However, back in the day when I started working in Information Technology, agile was not published method but just a given fact without a name. As far as potential is concerned Agile has the strongest chance of matching the way that we do business in 2017 and beyond and I am enjoying the opportunity to learn Agile.

What does Agile have in common with the natural flow of development? When developing and deploying software as an individual, impromptu meetings and “brain jams” are the norm. What is a “Brain Jam”? That is my term for sitting in an isolated area, working out a new block of code and resolving issues.  Impromptu meetings can happen through direct contact, instant messaging, phone calls or web sharing. On the site http://agilemethodology.org/ the first sentence says “Not a methodology!” I think this is a fantastic concept!

Instead of fitting software development into a “boxed” methodology, why not let the methodology be adaptive and flow with the way the development team works withing the natural environment of the systems being worked on? Most of the projects that I have worked on in the past 5 years have not nicely fit into the methodology “box” as intended. Agile is a breath of fresh air in that sense.